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  • 作者:David Bellis
  • 出版社:Gwulo
  • 出版年份:2017/ 2018/ 2019/ 2020/ 2023
  • 語言:English
  • ISBN:9789887827603/ 9789887827610/ 9789887827627/ 9789887827634/ 9789887827641


Not your typical photo book!


David Bellis, founder of the popular local history website Gwulo, shows you a selection of his favourite photos of old Hong Kong. So far, so familiar.


But then he takes you on a deep dive to discover and understand the photos’ most minute and revealing details. Plague-ridden rats, flapper hats, and chocolates are just a few of the surprising clues you’ll investigate. Finally, David helps you piece the clues together to uncover the photos’ hidden stories.


"David’s ability to discern useful details from historical pictures of Hong Kong is exemplary. This book and are essential resources for anyone curious about this city’s past."
Dr Kwong Chi Man, Assistant Professor, History Department, Hong Kong Baptist University


"Listeners to my show on RTHK know David as a great teller of quirky Hong Kong stories. He brings the same insight and meticulous research to this, his new book. Good to see it is Volume 1 – looking forward to the rest of the series!"
Annemarie Evans, Producer & Presenter, Hong Kong Heritage, Radio 3, RTHK


Old Hong Kong Photos and the Tales they Tell