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  • 作者:Christopher Sutton

  • 出版社:Palgrave Macmillan

  • 出版日期:2018

  • 語言:English

  • ISBN:9783319815282


Linking two defining narratives of the twentieth century, Sutton’s comparative study of Hong Kong and Cyprus – where two of the empire’s most effective communist parties operated – examines how British colonial policy-makers took to cultural and ideological battlegrounds to fight the anti-colonial imperialism of their communist enemies in the Cold War. The structure and intentional nature of the British colonial system grants unprecedented access to British perceptions and strategies, which sought to balance constructive socio-political investments with regressive and self-defeating repression, neither of which Britain could afford in the Cold War conflict of empires.




Christopher Sutton is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia, UK. He has taught on three continents and published articles in Britain and the World and Contemporary British History.






SECTION ONE: From Enemy to Ally to Enemy.


Chapter One: A History of Anglo-Soviet Imperial Tensions.

Chapter Two: 'A World of Grey Men': The Rise of the CCP, 1938-1946.

Chapter 3: Moderate, Irreproachable, and Organized: The Rise of AKEL, 1941-1946.

Chapter Four: British Anti-Communism: From Enemy to Ally to Enemy.


British Anti-Communism: From Enemy to Ally to Enemy.


SECTION TWO: Containment through Reform.

Chapter Five: The Breakdown of Allied Cooperation and the Resumption of the Cold War.

Chapter Six: A Failed New Deal in Hong Kong: From Constitution to Repression, 1946-1949.

Chapter Seven: A Failed New Deal in Cyprus: From Constitution to Repression, 1946-1949.

Chapter Eight: British Anti-Communism: Containment through Reform.


SECTION THREE: Containment through Repression.


Chapter Nine: The Decline of the British World System.

Chapter Ten: The Fall of China and 'Pax' Americana, 1949-1952.

Chapter Eleven: 'Too Much or Too Little Repression': The Fall of AKEL, 1949-1955.

Chapter Twelve: British Anti-Communism: Containment through Repression.




Conclusion: Britain, the Empire, and the Cold War.

Britain’s Cold War in Cyprus and Hong Kong: A Conflict of Empires