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  • 作者:Po-Shek Fu
  • 出版社:Oxford University Press
  • 出版日期:2023
  • 語言:English
  • ISBN:9780190073770


Hong Kong Media and Asia's Cold War is the first systematic study of cultural Cold War in Hong Kong. It draws from untapped materials from multiple archives, contemporary sources, and numerous interviews with filmmakers, magazine editors, and student activists. Focusing on the legendary Shaw Brothers Studio, the Asia Foundation-sponsord Asia Pictures, and the widely influential Chinese Students Weekly, it brings to light how Hong Kong became the key battlefield in Asia's cultural Cold War. 
Since 1946-1949, with its convenient worldwide transportation and communication networks and huge concentration of emigre intellecuals and film professionals, Hong Kong became a center of fierce competition between Communist China, Nationalist Taiwan, and the United States for the hearts and minds of Chinese diaspora in Souitheast Asia and around the globe. Central to their propaganda and psychological warfares were the Mandarin cinema and emigre-dominated print media. It was no surprise that this period was known as the "golden age" of Mandarin popular culture. The dividing lines among the opposing forces were never clear cut and fraught with ambivalence, in part because of colonial censorship and the complexity pf emigre politics. In the 1970s, coincidented with the normalization of US-China relations, the emergence of a new, local-born generation, who, unlike their parents, saw the British colony as "My City," challenged and reshaped the transnational networks of emigre cultural production into platform for identity construction, contributed to the winding down of the cultural Cold War in Hong Kong.



Po-Shek Fu is the author of many books on Chinese history and Chinese-language cinemas. He immigrated to the US from Hong Kong. With a bachelor's degree from University of Toronto and a Ph.D from Stanford University, he taught at Colgate University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champiagn for many years. His works have been published in Chinese, English, and Japanese. They include Hong Kong Media and Asia's Cold War, China Forever: The Shaw Brothers and Diasporic Cinema, and Between Shanghai and Hong Kong: The Politics of Chinese Cinemas. He is currently exploring themes of migration and transpacific interactions.




Chapter One
East Meets West: Crossroads in The Cold War
Chapter Two
Third Force in Exile: Chinese Student Weekly and Cultural Cold War, 1952-1960
Chapter Three
American Cinematic Intervention: Asia Pictures and The Asia Foundation
Chapter Four
Making “China” in Hong Kong: The Shaw Brothers Movietown
Chapter Five
Epilogue: “My City” In Flux

Hong Kong Media and Asia's Cold War