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  • 作者:Peter Waller
  • 出版社:Blacksmith Books
  • 出版年份:2022
  • 語言:English
  • ISBN:9789887792840


The story of Hong Kong is one of almost constant change. From a sleepy fishing community, Hong Kong – now a Special Administrative Region following its return from Britain to China in July 1997 – has grown into one of the most significant financial and trading centres of the world.


Over the years, photographers have recorded the changing face of Hong Kong: its street scenes, buildings and people. This new book – drawing upon images from a wide range of sources, many of which are previously unpublished – is a pictorial tribute to this lost Hong Kong. Once familiar but now long-gone scenes are recorded, offering a tantalising glimpse back at an era which in chronological terms may be relatively recent, but given the rapidity of change, seems like a distant age.




Brought up in Bradford, Peter Waller grew up as the city’s trolleybus network gradually declined.
 Following a history degree at Oxford, he took a master’s degree in industrial archaeology at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum’s Institute of Industrial Archaeology (part of the University of Birmingham).


In 1986, Peter commenced a career in publishing, working for a number of years as Ian Allan Ltd’s Publisher (Books), where he oversaw the commissioning and publication of a wide range of titles. The first book that he wrote was “British and Irish Tramway Systems since 1945” in 1992. Since then he has written a number of books on transport subjects; these include the critically acclaimed “German Trams in Colour 1955-1975”, which was published in both English and German during 2017.

He first visited Hong Kong in 1992 when his mother was working there for the British Council and took the opportunity during his visits to travel extensively around both Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. Moving to Shropshire in 2007, Peter is now a full-time author and editor. He is also a director and secretary of the Online Transport Archive and a committee member of the National Railway Heritage Awards.

Lost Hong Kong: A history in pictures