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作者:Chaloner Grenville Alabaster

出版社:Hong Kong University Press




A diary of life at the Stanley Internment Camp in Hong Kong in the 1940s.

More Than 1001 Days and Nights of Hong Kong Internment is the wartime journal of Sir Chaloner Grenville Alabaster, former attorney-general of Hong Kong and one of the three highest-ranking British officials during the Japanese occupation. He was imprisoned by the Japanese at the Stanley Internment Camp from 1941 to 1945. During his internment, he kept a diary of his life in the camp in small notebooks, hiding them until his release in 1945. He wrote his wartime journal on the basis of these notes. The journal records his day-to-day experiences of the fall of Hong Kong, his time at Stanley, and his eventual release. The book is an important primary source for understanding the daily operation of the Stanley Internment Camp and the period immediately after the fall of Hong Kong.

More than 1001 Days and Nights of Hong Kong Internment: A Personal Narrative