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  • 作者:Steven Davis
  • 出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press
  • 出版年份:2022
  • 語言:English
  • ISBN:9789629375935


Mementoes of HMS Tamar abound in Hong Kong, but what is really known about this troopship and her role in the maintenance of British imperial rule? Using logbooks, newspapers, and numerous other sources, this book pieces together the multifaceted and largely unknown history of the Tamar . From her launch into service to her roles as a hospital, theatre stage, and transport for military personnel, the Tamar carried not just people, but also their mundane dreams and ambitions— for friends, families, and staying alive. Any ideas or concerns about sustaining the empire seldom featured in their minds at all, but it was this empire that the Tamar served for seventy-nine years, steaming the equivalent of thirty-two times around the Earth and transporting tens of thousands of people to what would seem to them another world.

In this engaging narrative, the Tamar’s exploits and the experiences of her crew and passengers parallel those of the British Empire and its subjects, bringing to life the realities of imperial life on land and at sea. As mud continues to settle over the Tamar’s forgotten remains in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, Transport to Another World will appeal to historians and readers interested in maritime history and colonial Hong Kong in general, and makes a case for conserving the memory of a past some would prefer to forget.




Stephen Davies is an honorary research fellow at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Real Estate and Construction, University of Hong Kong. He previously served as an officer in Her Majesty’s senior service and in the Royal Marines and was the first director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, which he headed for seven years. He has written more than 1,600 articles and several books, most of them dedicated to historical and maritime topics, including Strong to Save: Maritime Mission in Hong Kong from Whampoa Reach to the Mariners’ Club.

Transport to Another World: HMS Tamar and the Sinews of Empire